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I don't usually reproduce on the learning-org list msgs from other sites,
but I thought this compendium of information sources in system dynamics
might be helpful to some readers.

-- Rick

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Perhaps the information below will be useful to you.

Information on System Dynamics from
Jay W. Forrester
November 9, 1998

To order the system dynamics bibliography of over 4100 entries,
specify IBM-type PC or Macintosh, and send $35 in US$ drawn on a US bank to:

System Dynamics Society
Roberta Spencer, Executive Director
Milne 300--Rockefeller College
State University at Albany
Albany, NY 12222 USA

tel: 1-518-442-3865
fax: 518-442-3398

Three formats are available:

1. For Endnote, a very effective bibliography software available for either
Macintosh or PC from:

Niles & Associates, Inc
800 Jones St.
Berkeley, CA 94710 USA

Tel: 510-559-8592
Fax: 510-559-8683

I use Endnote and recommend it and use it to search for the references.

2. An exported version with field delimiters that presumably can be loaded
into some other kind of database.

3. A listing that one can look at in a word processor and do some simple
finding operations.

The bibliography can also be downloaded from:

The publications list of the System Dynamics Group at MIT is available on
the web as an Adobe Acrobat document from:

Membership in the System Dynamics Society and subscription to the System
Dynamics Review
are US$80 per year for regular members
and US$40 for students.
Send application to:

John Wiley & Sons
Periodicals Division, System Dynamics Review
P.O. Box 7247 8491
Philadelphia, PA 19170

or to

John Wiley & Sons
Journals Administration, System Dynamics Review
1 Oldlands Way
Bognor Regis
West Sussex PO22 9SA

To contact the office of the System Dynamics Society and to order copies of
the "Beer Game" group simulation exercise:
tel: 1-518-442-3865
fax: 518-442-3398

There is a system dynamics discussion group on the Internet.
To join, send email to:
In the body of the message, enter the following two lines:

Subscribe system-dynamics

More system dynamics information is available at:
The next annual international conference of the System Dynamics Society will
be in New Zealand, July 20-23, 1999. Write to the System Dyanmics Society,

System Dynamics Society
Roberta Spencer, Executive Director
Milne 300--Rockefeller College
State University at Albany
Albany, NY 12222 USA
tel: 1-518-442-3865Ż
fax: 518-442-3398

Many of the major system dynamics books are available from:

Pegasus Communications, Inc.
One Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453-5339

Within the U.S
fax: 1-800-701-7083
Outside the U.S.
tel: 617-398-9700
fax: 617-894-7175
Web page:

Note: The publisher for the books listed below has changed from
Productivity Press to Pegasus Communications

Alfeld, Louis Edward, and Alan K. Graham. 1976. Introduction to Urban
Dynamics. Portland, OR: Productivity Press. 333 pp.

Forrester, Jay W. 1961. Industrial Dynamics. Portland, OR: Productivity
Press. 464 pp.

Forrester, Jay W. 1968. Principles of Systems. (2nd ed.). Portland, OR:
Productivity Press. 391 pp.

Forrester, Jay W. 1969. Urban Dynamics. Portland, OR: Productivity Press.
285 pp.

Forrester, Jay W. 1971. World Dynamics. (1973 second ed.). Portland, OR:
Productivity Press. 144 pp. Second edition has an added chapter on physical
vs. social limits.

Forrester, Jay W. 1975. Collected Papers of Jay W. Forrester. Portland, OR:
Productivity Press. 284 pp
Forrester, Nathan B. 1973. The Life Cycle of Economic Development. Portland,
OR: Productivity Press. 194 pp.

Goodman, Michael R. 1974. Study Notes in System Dynamics. Portland, OR:
Productivity Press. 388 pp.

Lyneis, James M. 1980. Corporate Planning and Policy Design: A System
Dynamics Approach. Portland, OR: Productivity Press. 520 pp.

Mass, Nathaniel J., ed., 1974. Readings in Urban Dynamics: Volume I,
Portland, OR: Productivity Press, 303 pp.

Mass, Nathaniel J. 1975. Economic Cycles: An Analysis of Underlying Causes.
Portland, OR: Productivity Press. 185 pp.

Meadows, Dennis L. 1970. Dynamics of Commodity Production Cycles. Portland,
OR: Productivity Press. 104 pp.

Meadows, Dennis L., et al. 1974. Dynamics of Growth in a Finite World.
Portland, OR: Productivity Press. 637 pp.

Meadows, Dennis L., and Donella H. Meadows, ed., 1973. Toward Global
Equilibrium: Collected Papers, Portland, OR: Productivity Press, 358 pp.

Morecroft, John D. W., and John D. Sterman, ed., (1994). Modeling for
Learning Organizationa, Portland, OR: Productivity Press, 400 pp.

Randers, Jorgen, ed., 1980. Elements of the System Dynamics Method,
Portland, OR: Productivity Press, 488 pp.

Richardson, George P., and Alexander L. Pugh III. 1981. Introduction to
System Dynamics Modeling with DYNAMO. Portland, OR: Productivity Press. 413

Roberts, Edward B. 1978. Managerial Applications of System Dynamics.
Portland, OR: Productivity Press. 562 pp.

Roberts, Nancy, David Andersen, Ralph Deal, Michael Garet, William Shaffer.
1983. Introduction to Computer Simulation: A System Dynamics Modeling
Approach. Portland OR: Productivity Press, 562 pages
Schroeder, Walter W., III, Robert E. Sweeney, and Louis Edward Alfeld, ed.,
1975. Readings in Urban Dynamics: Volume 2, Portland, OR: Productivity
Press, 305 pp.

Books from other publishers include:

Coyle, R. G., 1996. System Dynamics Modelling--A Practical Approach, London:
Chapman & Hall. 413 pp.

Mandinach, Ellen B., and Hugh F. Cline, 1994. Classroom Dynamics:
Implementing a Technology-Based Learning Environment, Hillsdale, NJ:
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 211 pp.

Richardson, George P., 1991. Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems
Theory, Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press. 374 pp.

Richardson, George P., 1996. Modelling for Management: Simulation in Support
of Systems Thinking, Brookfield, Vt.: Dartmouth Publishing. 493 & 447 pp.
A self-study guide to system dynamics, called "Road Maps," is available for
downloading from:

or in paper copy from:

Creative Learning Exchange
Ms. Lees Stuntz, Director
1 Keefe Road
Acton, MA 01720, USA
tel: 1-508-287-0070
fax: 1-508-287-0080

For those wanting information on introducing system dynamics in kindergarten
through 12th grade education:

1. The Creative Learning Exchange is a nonprofit foundation that acts as a
clearinghouse to provide information on system dynamics in precollege
education and to help teachers share their experiences. They can be reached

Creative Learning Exchange
Ms. Lees Stuntz, Director
1 Keefe Road
Acton, MA 01720, USA
tel: 1-978-287-0070
fax: 1-978-287-0080

2. The System Dynamics in Education Project at MIT has a web page with links
to pages at other K-12 activities:

3. The FTP site for many of the papers on curriculum is

4. An internet discussion group on K-12 issues related to system dynamics
To subscribe, send a note to:
Please provide the following information:
First Name:
Last Name:
State or Province:
ZIP or Postal Code:
Day Phone Number:
Evening Phone Number:
Fax Number:

5. The summer 93 issue of the System Dynamics Review, vol 9 no. 2, was a
special issue on "Systems thinking in education" It contains many
interesting pieces including reports from the field by teachers.


There are now three good software packages for system dynamics. You can
request information:
STELLA for Macintosh or PC:

High Performance Systems
45 Lyme Road, Suite #300
Hanover, NH 03755, USA

Phone: 1-603-643-9636 customer support
tel: 1-800-332-1202 product inquiries
fax: 1-603-643-9502


Powersim for PC:

Powersim Corporation
1175 Herndon Parkway Suite 600
Herndon, VA 20170
Phone: (703) 481-1270
Fax: (703) 481-1271

Norway Address:

Powersim AS
PO Box 206
N-5100 Isdalstų
Phone: +47 56 34 24 00
Fax: +47 56 34 24 01

Vensim for PC or Macintosh:

Ventana Systems, Inc.
60 Jacob Gates Road
Harvard MA 01451, USA

tel: 1-617-489-5249
fax: 1-617-489-53316

A "Personal Learning Edition" of Vensim can be downloaded free from:
the manual is at:

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