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Richard Karash (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 21:17:34 -0500

I've decided that one of the recent discussion threads has moved too far
afield for this dialogue. I'm talking about what started as "Systems
Thinking vs. Belief" and more recently "Christians."

There are a couple of queued messages on this thread. In case anyone would
like to read these, I put them at

which is a temporary resting place for msgs which I have chosen for one
reason or another not to distribute to the LO list.

As a general reminder, I review all msgs before they are distributed for
relevance to the list and for tone consistent with the learning
organization principles we are trying to live. I do receive a few msgs
that I decline to distribute; in such cases I contact the author and may
place the msg for 30 days in the "undistributed" repository mentioned

I do not attempt to judge whether any msg is "correct," valid, or helpful.
When i distribute a msg, this is NOT an endorsement of its content by me
or anyone else. Vice-versa for those I do not.

Thank you all for your contributions and readership. I am very happy to
hear feedback at anytime, whether cudos, concerns, or complaints.

Hope you are enjoying...

-- Rick Karash


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