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I believe pursuit of quality as pursued by organization that understand
Deming are the models for learning organizations that made Senge realize
the importance of learning. Toyota, Honda, Ford, Motorola, Harley Davidson
and many more have been influenced by Deming. They all changed and
continue to changed by using the results of their process to learn more
about how their system work and change them.

I have responded to your question without really knowing what you mean by
'formal' quality. Please do not confuse ISO and QS 9000 with quality.
They are only patterns not management philosophies.

Companies that understand the drivers of quality, improvement, systems and
people obtain low cost and high quality and learn because they learn by
listening to the process results. I say this not from surveys or books but
from experience. When and organization learns to listen to the process and
spends a major part of manager time listening it learns. SPC is a very
effective formal way of supporting and driving listening.


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>In my earlier response to this now dated (?) thread, I asked to hear about
>organisations that had successfully married the pursuit of 'formal'
>quality (eg accreditation schemes) with the maintenance and development of
>innovation and creativity.
>I am still very much interested in examples, case studies and commentaries
>on this topic. I have a feeling that in general the pursuit of 'formal'
>quality actively stops people being creative and innovative, but I will be
>pleased to stand corrected.
>Dr John Taylor

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