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Martin Silcock (
11 Nov 98 16:46:09 +0000

Dear Orglearners

I was wondering if anyone on the list has experience or references of
using Open Space technology in the area of gaining participation of a wide
number of people to create a purpose or vision for a brand (current or
existing). (I will review the list for the general background of the
technology from earlier this year)

My interest stems from a desire to create effective and efficient
processes and consultancy interventions that enable a wider contribution
to the creation of brand strategy inside organisations. This would form
part of a new approach to building brands "from the inside out" (ie
through organisational members and stakeholders) in addition to looking at
the brand in terms of consumer perspective. If people are to be able to
be an organisations strongest asset, then there should be ways to allow
them to set direction by engaging there personal purposes with an
organisations. I feel the company (ies) brand(s) may be a way of forging
this link.

My end game is to develop ways of using the idea of a brand as a guiding
element of a business' direction. This is in contrast to the traditional
outbound marketing communications paradigm.

Open space would at first site seem to be a strong candidate for wide and
rapid participation.


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