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When Tom Peters wrote, " We either get used to thinking about the subtle
processes of learning and sharing knowledge in dispersed, transient
networks... Or we perish," The Critical Linkages II Newsletter ( devoted
to creating awareness and action among decision makers in all fields
across traditional boundaries ,,, regarding the necessity of providing
Quality Learning Opportunities) took up the challenge. In October 1996,
we formed a group called Networking For Knowledge (NFK) with the intent of
testing theories of knowledge creation and innovation.

What we have found is that a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and innovation

exists and can be created among people with a passion for learning and a
willingness to explore critical linkages across traditional occupational,
professional, and academic boundaries -- even in a dispersed, transient

In the past few years NFK has grown to the point where we meet almost
exclusively via email.

The Opportunity

Recently NFK explored Key Issues Facing Us As We Enter The 21st Century.
The article, representing a wide variety of viewpoints, is available FREE

We invite you to share your thoughts about this article globally. Raise
questions. Make comments. Tell us about your experiences with any of the
concerns we have raised. Let us know if there are issues we have missed.
Please email your contributions to us and be sure to list your name,
title, occupation as you would like to see it in print.

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