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> How does Society steer the evolution to be beneficial?
> I believe it is through ethics and values but I do not know the what ones
> or how to apply them.

Perhaps the democratic ideal can be conceptualize to imply trustworthy
connection to self and others (not withdrawal); interpersonal cooperation
as equals (not domination); and useful contribution to the group (not
individualistic superiority striving). By encouraging these tasks toward
the goals of significance, belonging and usefulness, we move closer to the
goal of stability with the task of community, rather than the goal of
chaos via the task of individualism. This would be in line with Dr.
Alfred Adler's "social interest" concept, which is assumed to be innate
but must be developed in each of us. All of our problems are social
problems and, to quote Adler, "equality is the ironclad logic of social

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