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> >3. Could the Hubble constant be a reflection of the
> >expansion of knowledge as well as the universe?

At answered:

> No, I do not think so. For me knowledge is something which is inside a
> person. Only the products of knowledge can be found outside people. Some
> products are languages, music, information and technology.
> The first outcome is an automatical DISSIPATION (dispersion, spreading)
> of
> energy (like what is happening to the physical universe) which invloves
> the whole universe.
> The second outcome is a highly contingent CONCENTRATION of energy into
> new structures of higher > order which happens locally (like biological
> evolution on earth). Unfortunately, few people
> even think of any connection between the expanding universe and the
> living
> species in their garden.

Hubble Constant: The constant of proportionality (designated H) between
recession velocity and distance in the Hubble law. It is a constant of
proportionality but not a constant in time, because it can change over the
history of the universe.

On this point I disagree with At. I feel that knowledge is indeed a good
representation of the Hubble Constant. A constant with an Einsteinian
twist. Public knowledge expands with each generation. Base line personal
knowledge is determined by the level at which that person enters into the
public knowledge base. Personal knowledge (theoretically and
motivationally) then expands in proportion to the knowledge available.
The next generation then begins at a higher level than the last and
expands at a faster rate.

This is like starting a trip to the outer edge of the universe from the
center. You will get as far as your current technology will allow you,
but you are working on it. Your children take up where you leave off and
improve the technology and thus speed up the process. Their children
start at a higher level of knowledge and speed and improve the process
even more. At some point the leading edge of forward momentum is going SO
fast that you are no longer held in check by the known physics of the
universe. You have entered Einsteinian space where there are no
boundaries in time or space.

Knowledge is following the same route. Our Caveman ancestors started the
trip outwards. Every so often a great bound forward is taken to the next
level of knowledge. As the leading edge of that knowledge begins to
exceed the leading edge of that movement we will fond ourselves in a
universe of knowledge with NO boundaries. In this new state ALL current
knowledge will be accessible to ALL persons and there will be an unlimited
capacity to learn and experience.

We have a long way to go!!!!!!!


Bruce Jones

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