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Kisha Thomas' professor asked:
>Is there a clear definition of core competence that one can accept?
>What was the basis of the NEC/GTE comparision?
>How does this strategy affect firm value?

>Our difficulty is that we realize some things are vague in the article but
the strategy is worthwhile.

Building on my earlier contention that Learning leads to competence for an
organization, then defining competence for an organization is a
prerequisite to being able to have a accepted Learning-Org. This is a very
basic premise that must be addressed IMHO.

I have done some work on this by determining the most common attributes of
the people within an organization, and have published the work at:

I would be most interested in any contributions to this work.

PS Kisha - please let us know how your work progressed?
Keith Cowan (CIS:72212,51)


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