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Greetings all,

Last Friday I was at a colleague's house. In the course of discussion, he
wanted to know if the "boiled frog" in the 5th discipline (p22) is based
in science or if it is a metaphor.

So the somewhat strange question I put to this group is: Has there ever
been documented experiments on boiling frogs w/ the outcome being the frog
not knowing it is in danger?

My investigations show that it is a "parable" not a footnoted fact.

Does anyone know the answer? ;-}

[Host's Note: Yes, CJ... The myth-debunking team at Fast Company magazine
attacked this one a few issues ago. Despite severe experimental
limitations to insure that no living creature was injured, they say the
frog story is not literally true. I remember reading the piece and
deciding that the original story was better than the one in the magazine.

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