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>In practice, however, things are often different, as Scott has underlined
>with his reference to over-extension. It is too easy for organisations,
>managers and employees themselves effectively to 'tick the box' on a
>quality scheme, and assume that thereby they have 'done quality'. The PR
>and marketing folk may gain a new line to pursue, but in the longer run
>all lose by focusing away from quality as a key contributor to the pursuit
>of excellence.

"Necessity is the mother of invention." An idea so old I have no idea who
said it.
However it is true. The organization that ticks the box has no necessity.
Other organizations have a need instilled by their customer or better by
the boss's priorities and belief system. If the boss believes improving
quality is good and it is done by changing the system he will create a need
which will drive creative behavior by causing a need.

Quality is a driver of creativity while placid process my well cover up
the need and the drive to create. The difference is in people in the
management belief system.


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