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Dear Organlearners,

Doc Holloway <> writes:

>Thank you for your appreciative inquiry, At--

Greetings Doc,

The reason why I inquired, is that that a Learning Organisation (LO) and
an Open Space (OS) have much in common. I have worked through the website
on OS which you once gave to us. I was surpised that there is not "more
Systems Thinking" to try and understand why the OS works. Perhaps it is
because it works so good.

I suspect that pretty much of the essences of the five diciplines in a LO
would also accur in a OS. Obviously, there must be differences because the
LO and the OS are different things. The most important difference for me
is that a OS is a "fleeting LO". In an OS the organisation and its
emergence to a LO happens as one single event after a few elementary

I that that your message (the OS has a great potential in a LO) has great
merit because the OS is a "fleeting LO".

I sense great mileage (already covered and still to becovered) in your
wise observation:

>There is a real risk, though, in asking questions within
>an may receive answers that open the
>dreaded box of Pandora, that create a sense of participation,
>ownership and change far beyond what is acceptable to the
>owners, or stock-holders, of an organization.

If I may ask, what advice will you give to fellow learners in "asking

Best wishes


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