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You are right in that the schema that I put forth is more like an
explosion than an expanding universe. However, if you draw a line from
the discovery of control of fire to Greek fire to nuclear fire the same
constant exists. Fire is old, as old as the universe. The only thing
different is the form it has taken in its expansion. Likewise, since we
do not have close up pictures of the farthest galaxies and their
corresponding civilizations, we can assume that they too are not in their
original form.

I have no answers for the gap in learning levels. As an educator, new as
I am at it, to see the gap I almost "rage against the storm" in shear
frustration. This morning I had an employee unable to take a simple test
because of a lack of understanding of the questions. This hurt me. My
own children have been, according to their mother, reticent to ask me
questions on their homework because of the knowledge I expect them to
already have. This hurt me. To see people caught in that world between
unconscious/incompetence and conscious/incompetence and not having the
resources to move on, hurts me. So how do we expand their universe? How
do we narrow that gap? HOW do we affect a systems change on a global
scale? Can we? Should we?

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