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Cowan, Keith (kcowan@ORION.GLOBALDEN.com)
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:56:10 -0800

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Sherri Malouf (sherri@maloufinc.com) did a great post:
>...I have heard different people from Harvard talk. Some do a
> better job than others. But none of it does me any good
>unless I can ask questions and have those questions, even the
>stupid ones, treated with dignity and respect...

Some people learn by listening and making notes, others by "relating" to
the instructor, and many by experiencing the notion in action, or any
combination of these and others. Only the last way depends on who is in
your course. It is more random and less repeatable than the others. It
tends to degrade when too much of the interaction is driven by
participants with limited background. OTOH, no interaction will guarantee
misinterpretation by many given the uncertain nature of human

I am a big fan of interactive learning but only as one tool in the kitbag
of learning...

Keith Cowan
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