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Cowan, Keith (kcowan@ORION.GLOBALDEN.com)
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:08:26 -0800

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Leslie Lax (leslax@cnx.net) wrote:
>...But knowledge is in my view not a desirable end product of learning.
>I believe that only once we have reflected on that knowledge and applied
>it to our lives and activities that we can admit to learning.

>Given all this, I agree with those who see unconscious competence as a
>sort of sleep walking - learning requires continuing reflection.

OK, I see. Unconscious competence, while being as desirable end state for
indicating mastery, also is indicative of the lack of learning associated
wiith that particular state. Just like an individual who has hit their
stride in Unconscious Competence, so too the organization that no longer
is growing in developing new competencies. Thanks, Leslie, that gives me
new insight into why the order would be different. FWIW.

Keith Cowan
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