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Fri, 20 Nov 1998 13:26:07 -0800

Notice of meeting:

The Creativity Consortium

The Knowing Organization

Thursday Nov 26, 1998
(Note change in date from a Wed to Thursday)
6:30 registration
7:15 talk

Ontario Club, 5th Floor Commerce Court South, corner of Bay and Wellington,
just south of King.
Toronto, Ontario

Chun Wei Choo, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Information
Science, University of Toronto will present a concise overview of the
knowing organization, highlighting the ways that people in
organizations use information.

Prof Choo is the author of: the Knowing Organization: How organizations
use information to construct meaning, create knowledge and make decisions

An organization uses information strategically in three arenas: to make
sense of change in its environment; to create new knowledge for
innovation; and to make decisions about courses of action. These
apparently distinct processes are in fact complementary pieces of a larger
canvas, and the information behaviors analyzed in each approach interweave
into a richer explanation of information use in organizations. Through
sensemaking, people in an organization give meaning to the events and
actions of the organization. Through knowledge creation, the insights of
individuals are converted into knowledge that can be used to design new
products or improve performance. Finally, in decision making,
understanding and knowledge are focused on the selection of and commitment
to an appropriate course of action."


$40 guests,
$30 members
$20 for full time students with ID

Please call (416- 588-11222) or email the Creativity Consortium
if you are coming by Wed Nov 25

Walter Derzko
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