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Sun, 22 Nov 1998 08:30:54 EST

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In a message dated 11/21/98 10:50:23 AM, John Dicus wrote:

>Many of you have led me to your views-- some offered gently, some
>passionately. I can look back and imagine who I might have been had
>these people not "tried to change me."

I believe many of us have had people similar to those close to you 'trying
to change us' as well as others, like those of us on the list, that have
led us to their views---- (here comes the but!) People can try all they
want (with me) but unless I decide I will pry myself open to them and to
their influence, nothing will change. My willingness to hear and process
what is said, will determine, in large part, whether I will decide to

This list (my reaction to it) is an excellent example of how I will or
will not allow myself to be influenced. There are some contributors whose
style of communication is so offensive to me (the fault, I admit, lies
right here) that I delete some messages rather than put myself through the
'torture' of experiencing their styles to get to their message.

I hold the final say-so as to whether I change. Yes, thank goodness, there
are some very wonderful people (my wife, my two boys, my parents) who
continue to try to influence and lead me -- and weather my resistance --
to come back to try again!!.

Be well

Joe DiVincenzo


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