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Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:11:03 -0600

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Joe's is probably the most insightful contribution on this subject that
I've read to date. I find it absolutely engaging to read the people who
actually believe that they can change another person! Perhaps I'm
mis-reading between the lines; the impression that I've gotten is that the
"change agent" is the one totally responsible for the other's change, as
if the "change agent" acts without regard to the other's is,
after all, a matter of choice to change.

Well said, Joe. I echo your sentiments...

Richard Scherberger

At 08:30 AM 11/22/98 -0500, you wrote (in part):
>People can try all they want (with me) but unless I decide I will pry
>myself open to them and to
>their influence, nothing will change. My willingness to hear and process
>what is said, will determine, in large part, whether I will decide to
>I hold the final say-so as to whether I change. Yes, thank goodness, there
>are some very wonderful people (my wife, my two boys, my parents) who
>continue to try to influence and lead me -- and weather my resistance --
>to come back to try again!!.
>Joe DiVincenzo


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