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Wed, 25 Nov 1998 07:04:30 +0200

Dear Learning-org Readers,

I live and work for a large para-statal organisation in South Africa. I
have read numerous books on Learning Culture, Transformational Learning,
Development Culture and of course The Fifth Discipline. I have also
followed the postings to this site with great interest for approximately
the last 9 months but have yet to contribute. My interests lie in building
a learning organisation in a transitional society.

All the books and papers I have read on the subjects of learning
organisations and learning culture have been written by practitioners and
researchers situated in the UK and USA. I am interested trying to
establish what additional barriers would have to be overcome when trying
to build a learning organisation in a society such as ours in South

If anyone can refer me to any books or papers dealing with this aspect of
learning organisations I would be most grateful. Your thoughts on this
subject would of course also be most welcome.



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