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Hi Everyone on this thread.

I will be taking a risk hear so please hang in.

The question of what is culture has been around for me for a long time.
Now, after 8 years of research I am concluding, for myself, that the
fastest way for me to get close to the answer starts from within me.

My newest questions are:
Can I really change a "Culture" that doesn't feel right for me
based on my "universal" core values?

Can I facilitate the activation people's core values more often
(even in a traffic jam)?

What's in it for me (unselfishly)?

What's in it for my community whether social or corporate?

How can I/we sustain "balance" more often in what ever
we are doing? -
I think that's the new Culture we are all really striving for.

John Gunkler's definition was concise and to the point. To me, the next
level for any of us is to get control of "... ('the way we do things
around here.')..." as he suggests. And, the fastest way that I have found
to bring change and effect Culture is to manage my own "Inner Culture"
during my day to day activity.

Specifically, managing the constant communication (potential) gridlock
that occurs between my own head and heart (talk about sometimes opposing
cultures). Imagine creating a joint venture there first.

I do have judgments, resentments, poor me's, frustrations, stress (be it
that in recent years it is a very low ratio in my overall life from what
it used to be). The begining of a culture that would take care of the
whole, would start by me neutralizing all my unmanaged thoughts.

As we find balance in ourselves, we can actually begin transforming our
perception of the culture we are in. With that, effectiveness,
collaboration and fun is easily accessible

Take care,


"It is the level of sincerity from the heart that will
determine the speed of actualizing anything that is exceptional"

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