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Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:30:15 EST

Replying to LO19830 --

Don Dwiggins chides me for generalizing: I should have said that "some" or
"many" nonChristians would be offended by overt evangelizing here, and
I'll so amend my comment, although I do believe that the meaning was clear
and compelling.

It may be difficult for people of faith who believe that their is the only
path to keep that conviction out of their participation here, as Don
indicates--but that is the discipline required of all of us, including At:
as hard as it may be for At, or for me, to keep our faiths out of the
discussion we are obliged to do that by the rules of this game.

Many here resonate with At's lectures: I assume, however, that this
resonance gives him no special license to promote his religious
convictions here.

Steve Eskow

[Host's Note: I think the important rule to keep in mind here on
learning-org is that this discussion is about org learning. In that
context, religious beliefs often come up, and this is OK. No one has
special license for anything. ...Rick]



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