Changing Another Person LO20069
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 04:52:20 EST

Replying to LO20059 --

>It just isn't true, Joe, I'm afraid. People "get changed" by other people
>without permission (and, often, without knowing it) all the time! That's
>how terrible things like Nazi Germany and South African apartheid happen!
>That's how "mob rule" can take over people at times and result in
>individuals doing things that are counter even to their most deeply held
>moral values. On a slightly more benign scale, it's fundamentally the
>basis of advertising. Did you consciously choose to remember the "hold
>the pickles, hold the lettuce" Burger King jingle -- or did it happen to

John, Nazi Germany and South African apartheid happen because some people
either wanted it or didn't have the courage to act. I don't believe that
it happened because of 'mob rule'. We know that even if people are
infected whil a part of a 'mob' it doesn't last forever. They do break
free and then after what may be a first, impuslive, action -- they
actually think and make a decision whether or not to continue the action.

There is a difference between acting on an occasional (or more freqwuently
when it comes to chocolate) than making a decision to support openly
anything or make a change in my thinking -- maybe those in Germany and So.
Africa were operating on their values.

As for the pickles. -- Jingles, colors, etc do catch our eyes and ears
and thinking. And there are many products I find close to repulsive that
their jingles and creative ads capture my thoughts and attention. -- Yet,
the big mac and mac's fries are still my pick(les)!

Joe DiVincenzo


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