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John Dicus (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 15:18:24 -0500

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As Rick mentioned, there is a wealth on conversation on the talking stick
in the archives, yet this topic always renews interest. An explanation I
heard that resonates with me is the idea that whoever is holding the
artifact (stick, etc) has invited the rest of us into her (his) space --
and we should conduct ourselves as gracious and civil guests. Learning to
receive is an integral part of learning how to give. I think I like this
construct because it seems to move away from the idea that the person with
the artifact is holding others off (although, I know, this is not the

Have any of you tried either of the following -- or something else

- Passing around a lump of potters clay, while each person in turn molds
the clay while speaking from the heart-mind. The clay seems to evoke
depth, introspection, authenticity... And the lump of clay, at the
conclusion of the dialogue, is representative of the composite thought in
interesting and often unexpected ways.

- Passing around something quite heavy for it's size. For example I have
a sphere made of beautiful marble that is about 6-7 inches in diameter.
The surprise produced by a lot of mass in a relatively small item seems to
shift people to a place of unguarded conversation.

Warm regards,

John Dicus


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