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John Dicus wrote:
>Have any of you tried either of the following -- or something else
>- - Passing around a lump of potters clay, while each person in turn molds
>the clay while speaking from the heart-mind. The clay seems to evoke
>depth, introspection, authenticity... And the lump of clay, at the
>conclusion of the dialogue, is representative of the composite thought in
>interesting and often unexpected ways.

I use copper balls with the size of a tennisball.................

>As Rick mentioned, there is a wealth on conversation on the talking stick
>in the archives, yet this topic always renews interest. An explanation I
>heard that resonates with me is the idea that whoever is holding the
>artifact (stick, etc) has invited the rest of us into her (his) space --
>and we should conduct ourselves as gracious and civil guests. Learning to
>receive is an integral part of learning how to give. I think I like this
>construct because it seems to move away from the idea that the person with
>the artifact is holding others off (although, I know, this is not the

The desired attitudes John describes above I do literally with groups as a
movement exercise. Done as an introduction on dialogue (in the right
way!!) it develops the proper climate for good dialogues.

For those interested: you can find an exercise (among some other creative
stuff) on the subject 'giving and receiving' on my website:


If you like what you see, drop me a line (private e-mail) and I will give
you instructions on how to do the exercise with a group.

Winfried Deijmann


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