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>>I agree with you money does not motivate or cause higher performance..
>While that may or may not be valid in every circumstance.. I'm curious as
>to the effect that "not enough compensation" has on the employee.

Pay enough or not enough pay is but one of managements 's actions that
cause attitude among employees.

Not enough depends on the level of not enough. Not enough to eat and cloth
the family or not as much as someone down the road that makes them think
they are underpaid.

If it is not enough to live I have seen people work two jobs or even
three, and others give up and decide there is no point in working.

If it is enough to cover needs and it is a matter of status I have seen
them grumble and cause more bad attitude and I have sen them lose there
own credibility.

The point is one management action causes many attitudes. They tend to
converge in the attitude about management but there are as many behaviors
as people.


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