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Sherri Malouf (sherri@maloufinc.com)
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 11:12:20 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO20075 --

Replying to Jan and Raju,

What a wonderful concept -- Chief Sprituality Officer or CSO. I am struck
by the lack of response to the post as I thought it to be very engaging.
I decided to wait and see how others responded before I did.

I would ask only one question: Have I (you) brought the best of who I
(you) can be to this (and every) situation?

Sometimes the best of who I can be at that moment is tired and
impatient.... It is not to judge right or wrong... Just.. was I the best
of who I could be at that moment? Sometimes when I ask myself the
question I sigh and think -- no I could have done better. Then I forget
about it. No self flailing, no hairshirt, no guilt or judgement. Just
know I can make a different choice next time.

By the way Jan -- I went out and bought that book The Four
Spritualities... very interesting. I have scanned but not read thoroughly

Also Raju -- I like the idea that the position would float so that
different influences could be felt. A distinct protection against the
development of dogma!

Thank you for your posts....

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