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J.C. Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 22:48:54 -0800

Replying to LO20115 --

Hello Sherri,

you wrote:

> What a wonderful concept -- Chief Sprituality Officer or CSO. I am struck
> by the lack of response to the post as I thought it to be very engaging.
> I decided to wait and see how others responded before I did.

on my response, which was prompted because i don't think a CSO is a great
concept except for being the CSO of your own life. I often resist
"functionalizing" processes, making an object or title from a process.
This tends to be reinforced when a hierachy is implied (double even:
chief and officer). Altough i must admit it part of our cultural and
language tool set.

To me spirituality means developing, becoming, creating, following your
vocation, whatever you want to call the processes, who you are, what you
are, how you must be, why you want to be. There seems to be hidden
connections between spirit, life and whiskey. (or the Dutch equivalent
"genever", called gin in England). And getting drunk is one of them.

> I would ask only one question: Have I (you) brought the best of who I
> (you) can be to this (and every) situation?

Nobody knows, will know what is the best in a situation, in every
situation and whether you or I did it. To know all is to forgive all and
knowing everything won't make you happy either.

> Sometimes the best of who I can be at that moment is tired and
> impatient.... It is not to judge right or wrong... Just.. was I the best
> of who I could be at that moment? Sometimes when I ask myself the
> question I sigh and think -- no I could have done better. Then I forget
> about it. No self flailing, no hairshirt, no guilt or judgement. Just
> know I can make a different choice next time.

Hear, hear. Now chosing might be an interesting idea in relation to

> Also Raju -- I like the idea that the position would float so that
> different influences could be felt. A distinct protection against the
> development of dogma!

iamgod against dogma! Humor is also a very good protector.

"When life gathers strenght from the Self,
The river of Life expands into an ocean" Muhammed Iqbal

Take care,

Jan Lelie

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