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Just a thought...can you possibly document pre and post indicators of
knowledge transfer? Examples would include error rates, problems avoided,
cost savings, efficiencies...that type of thing. I've tried this myself
without much luck. It involves a lot of data collection of data not
commonly collected by companies.

If you are implementing a specific process or technology to facilitate LO,
it would certainly be worthwhile to document frequency/incidence of use,
and develop user surveys.

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"investing in human capital"

Oloan M wrote:

> Does anyone know any measures or tools for measuring the impact of
> learning organization in the organization itself. Right now i am trying to
> use Balanced Score Card (Kaplan & Norton), to see the relationship between
> learning perspective and the customer, internal business, and financial
> perspective in organization, but i am so confused because of there's no
> guidance for applicating BSC in order to get the relationship of learning
> perspective and any other perspectives in organization.
> Oloan Manurung


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