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As a humble practitioner and occasional participant in "the mission/vision
thing," my observations have been this:

take the time to engage the employees in the development of the vision.
It needs to come FROM them, not be tossed AT them. I'm not implying that
you would, but many companies do. For many managers, it seems like a
"waste of time" to ask employees to contribute to this process, because
they see it as the values statement of "the corporation", ie.: management.

However, an important piece of the process is that employees support the
vision wholeheartedly, as is pointed out in this post. In my experience,
this only happens when they personally process the issues, look at
alterntatives, weigh consequences, and think about business realities. In
the end, you get staff who are fully "on board" and able to speak both
intelligently and with passion about the vision, because they helped
create it. Another benefit of this process is that you can uncover any
resistance or fears about the vision management has (it happens more than
we would like to think) for the future. You can explain important facts
to employees and help them overcome barriers that could derail your
success without you even knowing it.

I have seen many other strategies attempted but none have succeeded in
accomplishing a true embracing of the "mission/vision thing."

kind regards,
Vana Prewitt
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Chapel Hill, NC

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Kleine, Dirk wrote:

> I am a practicioner and my company is about to introduce our new vision.
> Now, how to do that intelligently and get prople buying in?? Can you help
> me to develop some new and creative ways?
> Regards
> Antje


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