Communicating Vision and Mission LO20156
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 16:22:55 EST

Replying to LO20136 --

Responding to:
> company is about to introduce our new vision. Now, how to do that
>intelligently and get people buying in?? Can you help me to develop some new
>and >creative ways? writes:

> where we're going (vision)
> how we get to where we're going (goals)
> what we need to do to get there (objectives)

To which I would add:
why did we want to go in the first place (sanity)
what do we do if we wind up some place better along the way (flexibility)
how to reverse the darn thing if we change our mind (insurance)
why in the heck would anyone without my intuitive powers go there (management)

Lon Badgett

"Contrary to popular belief, demon spawn is not a management issue" Emil Gobersneke

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