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Richard C. Holloway ( responded to Dirk Kleine in
>...a critical part is identifying objectives that strategically support the
>goals/vision and which are measurable so that progress is visible.
>finally, vision, goals and objectives should be revisited periodically
>(not only to measure progress, but also to renew and change them when

Another aspect to the communication effectiveness is how good the fit it.
Dilbert and others poke fun at 3x5 cards bearing such items with good
reason. If the vision & mission cannot be remembered, they are not likely
to be effective. The simple ones like Microsoft: "a computer on every
desk" are more effective than the ones needing artifacts to remember

Part of the challenge here is not ensure that the V/M are consistent with
current culture and values and simply stretch them a little. If a whole
new direction is cast , these tools are not good vehicles for that change.

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