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On 16 Dec 98 at 22:20, James F. Wiegel wrote:

> I personally feel a bit bereft not being able to bring into groups
> the richness of cultural heritages and symbol systems. I suppose
> this is something that the next generations will look to us as
> having developed "good manners" for how this can be done
> appropriately.

Sometimes there is a possible solution (I hate to be practical here...)
First, I do not use the rituals of other cultures in my work, UNLESS that
ritual can be explained and led by someone who is of that culture.

It's a personal thing. I do not want to cheapen the rituals by using them
in a superficial way...much like I would never think to go to Roman
Catholic confession because I am not of that faith. In my mind that is
disrespectful and sacrilegious (although that's a personal opinion).

So there is no reason that one cannot use symbols and rituals provided
that a person of the culture can explain and lead, and put it in context.
One can always ask, if it's a multi-cultural group.

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