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Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:33:53 -0500

Replying to LO20196 --

Responding to Gene Taurman in Communicating Vision and Mission LO20196, he
gave a couple of good examples of marching statements:

Six Sigma Customer Service
Quality is Job #1
No car shall be returned for warranty
A Chicken in Every Pot
Best Care in the Air
Exceeding Customer Expectations
Keep the line running
Remember the Alamo

I remember hearing of the electronic billboard near Dearborn reading one day:

Quality iw Job #1

which I am ALWAYS reminded of when I see the former.

There are also:

Absolutely, Positively, Guaranteed!
We Love to Fly and it shows ( really?? )

But my all-time favorite comes from the French Foreigh Legion:

March or Die.

BTW, I posted some good one-liners on the website at:

How to Write Good!


I also put on an article by Nancy Robeke about protecting intellectual
property that was eye-opening for me -- I have only just begun
implementing her suggestions. Lots of hot-links to other resources, too.



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