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R. de Rode asked:

>I read a lot about the L.O. but after processing a lot of the
>information there are a few (i.g.lots of) questions.

Hi R.

Welcome in the club of those who have more questions than answers. I hope
you don't belong to those poor and frustrated persons, who believe that
the sense of questions is to get the answer?

Then let me tell you that one of the most important lessons that I have
learnt is that the sense of answers is, to find even more interesting

>-What is the most actual trend at the moment in the field of L.O.?

LO are emergent phenomena, they emerge under certain conditions from
ordinary organisations (as humans emerged from fauna) and manage to
survive for centuries. If an LO does not emerge, the organisation will
most probably fail within a few decades. (Try Arie de Geuys from Shell on

>-What means practice?

Thats what we try to find out here.

>-Who are the most meaningfull authors at the moment?

AM de Lange. You are lucky! He is a contributor here on this list. But
take care of yourself - from corresponding with At, you will get much
more questions than answers. But any question is worth to work on.
There are wonderfull new questions behind each of them.

Liebe Gruesse,


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