New discussion list to complement the LO list LO20362

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Mon, 11 Jan 1999 17:40:25 +0000

I have seen some comments about the need for discussion which is a little
more practically oriented, rather than theoretical or abstract, and it
looks to me that LO has pretty much moved completely to the latter.

It doesn't work for me personally, so I thought I would do something about
it. I've set up a new discussion list called "Learning At Work" which
provides a forum to discuss organizational and individual learning in the

It is a moderated forum (though I do not expect to moderate much), My hope
is that we can make it a practical and useful forum for people who are
grappling with the real world issues connected with learning
organizations, and learning in general. It will be a "philosophy free"
zone ...grin....

To subscribe, just send an email message to


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