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Tricia Lustig (Tricia@LASA.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 19:09:19 +0000

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Dear LO'ers

I am new to the LO listserve and am enjoying reading what people write. I
am an ex-engineer who got into Organisational Development almost by chance
and love it!

Much has been written about Spirituality in the Workplace. Thought I
could add a small something here:

I think Spirituality has to do with the thread that runs through your
entire life and gives you a reason to live. Many of us do not have the
time to examine this thread, to ensure that we are staying on its 'path'.
This leads to lack of alignment and balance and can lead so far that we
become ill. We all have a purpose, a reason to live, something to
contribute that is unique to us.

Spirituality in the workplace part is checking that we stay near to that
and don't do things which are alien to our principles. If we work in a
toxic environment, for instance, how can we live with ourselves? How can
we do things that deep down, we know are wrong, or perhaps just not RIGHT?
What does this do to us? It robs us of our spontaneity, of our creativity
and of our joy in life. It isn't always easy to know what one's mission
in life is, and once discovered to keep to it, but it certainly reaps
rewards in my experience. Knowing that you are on track with your mission
is motivating, exciting and joyful all wrapped in one. It gets you out of
bed in the morning with a big 'YES!' I do not mean anything religious here
(although it may be, that depends on each person), I mean something which
you deeply believe in.

Interesting to hear what others think.

Wishing all a fruitful and JOYFUL 1999.

Tricia Lustig
LASA Development UK Ltd.

Tricia Lustig

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