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Dear Organlearners,

Tricia Lustig <Tricia@LASA.demon.co.uk> writes:

>I am new to the LO listserve and am enjoying reading what
>people write. I am an ex-engineer who got into Organisational
>Development almost by chance and love it!
>Much has been written about Spirituality in the Workplace.
>Thought I could add a small something here:

>How can we do things that deep down, we know are wrong, or
>perhaps just not RIGHT? What does this do to us? It robs us
>of our spontaneity, of our creativity and of our joy in life. It
>always easy to know what one's mission in life is, and once
>discovered to keep to it, but it certainly reaps rewards in my
>experience. Knowing that you are on track with your mission
>is motivating, exciting and joyful all wrapped in one.

Greetings Tricia,

You may be new to the list and you may have said it with a small number of
words, but what you have said is very important.

Apart form the motivation, excitement and joy derived from spontaneous
actions, there is also the issue of money. Non-spontaneous behaviour costs
money because it has to be sustained by external energy resources. On the
other hand, when something exhibits spontaneous behaviour, it can often be
harnessed as a source of energy. In other words, spontaneous behaviour
increases profits and investments.

Perhaps most important of all is the fact that irreversible
self-organisation (evolution and growth) is spontaneous. Why does nature
avoid the path of non-spontaneous behaviour? What danger is there to
irreversible self-organisation when it is forced to happen
non-spontaneously? Is it possible for LOs to emerge non-spontaneously?

>Interesting to hear what others think.

Some times, like today, I think I must pose the questions rather than
answering them.

Best wishes


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