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On January 11, John Gunkler wrote

>.......Many of the
>difficult questions posed on this list find answers, or at least find hope
>of creating answers, in the discipline of system dynamics. Other
>disciplines (chaos theory, general systems theory, analogies from
>biological and other sciences) have much to contribute -- but, at this
>early stage, I think system dynamics is the only one that comes close to
>providing real tools, structure, and the ability to handle complexity in
>an understandable way. The other disciplines provide analogies, language,
>creative ways of thinking about things -- but few solutions, few process
>descriptions, and little practical help.
>If we ever want to move "learning organizations" beyond being a Kaffee
>Klatch of opinions and musings toward a discipline that actually, itself,
>learns and accomplishes, I believe we must start by applying system
>dynamics principles to our problems and using system dynamics tools to
>help understand and solve them.

Greetings John and other organizational learners,

I am new to this list. I am wading into waters I know nothing about (not
the depth nor the content). I do have an interest in how reality is to be
understood and how learning occurs (in myself as well as my role in
assisting it in others). At risk of showing the depth of my ignorance and
an ineptness for dialogue, I will venture forward nonetheless.

My thoughts to your above comments:

When we choose one approach to be THE approach (or correct framework to
use) don't we run the risk of limiting the questions that are asked? The
way one believes things to work will determine what is thought to be
important. What is important will determine the "appropriate" questions
to ask. The questions asked will determine what is discovered.

Isn't there an advantage in encouraging questions from many vantage

These thoughts and questions come not from my knowledge (suggesting you
are wrong in your conclusions) but rather from my ignorance that seeks to
fill the void in my understanding.

With a desire to experience "community",


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