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Richard S. Webster (webster.1@osu.edu)
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 18:37:20 -0500 (EST)

Two questions came up today in a discussion with some OD consultants.
Your opinions on these matters would be very helpful, I value your
experience and judgement. I will compile responses, received on-list and
off, and report.

1. "OK Webster, you beat the drum for the "paradigm shift" (from whatever
is happening now to help people improve their performance, to learning):
just WHAT is the difference between 'learning' and 'training - instruction
- teaching'?"

My answer has been, since I figured out this key point about a year ago:
"Learning is each individual's opportunity and responsibility, with the
organization's help and support and encouragement. Training, instruction,
and teaching are organizational activities: design, content selection,
delivery, control, etc." What is your answer?

2. OD (organization development) consultants may or may not value
learning organization (LO) issues, practices and efforts. What
relationships exist between OD and LO issues, practices and efforts?

Thanks for sharing your opinions,

Dick Webster

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Thought: "Things are getting better and better and worse and worse faster
and faster" says Tom Atlee. Challenge: Finding and building the "betters,"
in time. Idea: Try learning -- each person's responsibility and

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