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Paul Rousseau (roussea@server.uwindsor.ca)
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Richard Webster wrote:

>1. "OK Webster, you beat the drum for the "paradigm shift" (from whatever
>is happening now to help people improve their performance, to learning):
>just WHAT is the difference between 'learning' and 'training - instruction
>- teaching'?"
>My answer has been, since I figured out this key point about a year ago:
>"Learning is each individual's opportunity and responsibility, with the
>organization's help and support and encouragement. Training, instruction,
>and teaching are organizational activities: design, content selection,
>delivery, control, etc." What is your answer?

Another way is to see training as leader/teacher driven and learning as
participant/student driven.

>2. OD (organization development) consultants may or may not value
>learning organization (LO) issues, practices and efforts. What
>relationships exist between OD and LO issues, practices and efforts?

I see LO (or OL) as broader than OD. Some will argue that LO emerged from
OD, or was a natural progression from OD. However, much of what an OD
consultant does seems to fit within the 5 disciplines.

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