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Bruce Jones wrote:

> I feel the 'value' (intrinsic and extrinsic) of a document of
> accreditation is directly in proportion to the amount of effort you expend
> in getting it then maintaining it. ...snip...

Whoa, this is a whole different perspective than I've ever given it.
Bruce's assertion made me sit back and think. (it's a good exercise from
time to time)

When I lived in Liberia, the tradesmen would come to my door with a canvas
sack of goods and slowly pull one item out after the other. They were
gifted at building suspense and belief in the value of what they sold.

If I saw something that interested me, I determined a monetary value for
that item before I said a word. If my value of the item was greater than
the trader's, we struck a bargain. Many times, however, he walked away
disappointed in not being able to convince me that I could not live a
happy life without that trinket.

Since that time, I have bought many things at "market value." Some of
those things were grossly overpriced for what value they have given me.
There is nothing in my assessment of their value that is related to the
money I paid for them.

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