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Vana Prewitt wrote, in a very small part:
> Bruce Jones wrote:
> > I feel the 'value' (intrinsic and extrinsic) of a document of
> > accreditation is directly in proportion to the amount of effort you expend
> > in getting it then maintaining it. ...snip...
> Whoa, this is a whole different perspective than I've ever given it...

>.. There is nothing in my assessment of their value that is related to
>the money I paid for them.

here are some "for instances":

1) I know jeans made in India with the same factory, materilas, workers,
patterns, etc- at the end someone stiches on a vanity logo on one pair and
a no name logo on the other- retail- one pair at 40-60 USD the other at
about 16-20 USD retail-- (In the knowledge game would we call the
differential in the pricing "intellectual capital? ...grin...) The same
holds for university diplomas and other certifications- but is there a
difference here. I have cited the fact that there are two universities,
one pvt and the other public- both use adjuncts- the same adjunct, the
same text, the same syllabus, and a price differential of about 3:1 why?

2) There are two dentists, both charge the same, one graduated 1st in his
class and also teaches part time at the dental school, the other graduated
"nth" and just goes to the continuing education programs- do you know the
qualifications of your health care providers, why not? does the DDS and MD
carry equal weight once theyare in practice. I know professionasl who go
to the resorts where the continuing education courses are provided and
spend more time on the links than in the classroom and yet get the
credits- do you know where your health care provider goes when he or she
is getting continuing education

3) I can go to a university and get a degree in chemistry- a friend goes
to another university and gets a degree in chemistry- both programs are
certified by the American Chemical Society. Both universities have
accrediting by the same organizations and all the faculty have their
doctorates- Do we have identical qualifications and capabilities? I know a
recruiter who selects engineers for line and management by university


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