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Dear Colleagues,

I would like your advice on a web site that I am developing on knowledge
management, attempting to outline the scope of the ideas involved. It is
only at an early stage of development, but the basic framework is there,
and I would value your comment on it at this stage. I am particularly
interested in whether you think that this is a useful contribution to the
understanding of knowledge management, and what improvements might be

The page address is:

The site has three basic pages -
1. Knowledge management concepts and activities. (This is a very full page,
and I have been having difficulty presenting the scope without breaking it
2. The types of organisations and other structures that play a part.
3. The academic disciplines and other studies that may contribute.

The colors and font size are designed to provide a sense of variety and
emphasis, obviously based on interpretations that many may disagree with. I
hope they are not too offensive.

The links (current links presented by jewels) link to lower pages that
allow for relationships between any of the higher items to be presented.
There is much to be developed at this stage in terms of links, book
reviews, papers etc.

The page is designed to service several functions:
1. Information on the nature and scope of knowledge management
2. A basis for discussion and development of the area, highlighting the
links between sections.
3. A resource for a course in knowledge management.

Thank you very much in anticipation, and I look forward to your response.


Gray Southon

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