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I'm surprised that there have been no responses. I looked at the page and
clicked through the sections. It looks like it will be a great resource.
The selection of what *not* to include looks like it is as good as the
selection of what *to* include. It looks like you will avoid the
hackneyed, which is good. I especially like the concept of your
"disciplines" section. Other than some stuff at the KMC (, I
don't know of a good source for info about KM concepts in the related
disciplines. In fact, I have looked heavily into this and have been
unable to find anything. It's a very important contribution and I
anxiously anticipate your development of it.

I am not sure whether you intend to link resources to specific business
industries under one of the sections (maybe "types of organizations." this
would also be valuable. I have searched without affect for resources
related specifically and directly to KM in the Publishing industry.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.

J.B. Bryant
Knowledge Strategist
Chemical Abstracts Service

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I would like your advice on a web site that I am developing on knowledge
management, attempting to outline the scope of the ideas involved. It is
only at an early stage of development, but the basic framework is there,
and I would value your comment on it at this stage. I am particularly
interested in whether you think that this is a useful contribution to the
understanding of knowledge management, and what improvements might be

The page address is:

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