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Replying to LO21804 --

This is my first check-in mail to LO so that I need do some simple
self-introduction. To save the time, the friends of LO might try to visit
my Free Deming Univ. to have a feeling of me and
some of my works.

To have a minimum background to discuss Anastasius's great question, I
suggest to read Juran's Managerial Breakthrough (1964,1994,Mc-Graw Hill,
indeed I think this might be one of first key books on LO or KM or TQM)
and Deming's Out of the Crisis or/and The New Economics. You can see many
key concepts are common between them.

Three years ago I was invited by HP Taiwan to have a three-day talk on
this subject,I pointed out one significant difference between them is
Deming's foundation is his 'production system( a concept of 'a system'
with theory of variation, knowledge and psychology)' and 'control' theory
while Juran's starting point is 'vital few and useful many' priciple and
his Trilogy

This is my personal view and I think we need to have our own journey of
understanding. You might like to join Deming Electronic Network to ask
them this good question and download some of Juran's papers from Juran

Best Wishes,
Hanching Chung for some English articles on SoPK and LO


> Are there any differences between the theory and practice of knowledge
> management and the theory of TQM, as expressed by Deming and Juran?


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