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I will be very interested in seeing a serious discussion on this.

Drucker's latest writing makes a very interesting point. When we as humans
write a law in science, it makes very little difference how the universe
operates. We can saw the sun goes around the earth or the earth goes
around the sun, the universe behaves the same. On the other hand, when we
make social "laws" such as how an organization does, should or could
operate, organizations readjust to this latest "law" as we have seen as
each wave of management "truth" appears on the scene. In fact the
publishers love management dearly as it goes from the equivalent of fad
diet to fad diet to alternative medicinals in an evolving search for "the


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> Are there any differences between the theory and practice of knowledge
> management and the theory of TQM, as expressed by Deming and Juran?


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