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Insecurity is prevalent among newborn twins, among earlier born children
when a newborn arrives and even extra-species as between pets [dogs] and
children. These insecurities are demonstrated by the tools & techniques
the animal [human or pets] has learned. Age has little to do with this
primordial instinct to monopolize protection.

So, ask the question, "What does hostility mean ?". What is the uncommon
definition of hostility ? What is the source of the hostility ? Is the
correlation of hostility & insecurity valid ?

Can hostility be translated to manipulative dialog delivery ? Is
'marketing an idea' a form of intellectual hostility ? Are the questions
being asked in order to manipulate the mind to arrive at an expected
answer ? [manufacturing consent]

I know someone who is a perfect lab-rat at making my thinking process
similar to his, so I arrive at the same conclusion as he does. Not many
know how his chess-board operates and he finds it hard to replicate his
success with me.

But, why do I get an odd feeling that the questions about 'quesitions' is
like philosophical discussion on lie-detectors ?

Is thought altruistic ? [if such a thing can exist !]

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