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Thomas Petzinger, Jr. (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 17:21:23 -0400

Greetings, all.

May I ask a quick favor? I'm soon launching a free e-mail newsletter.
(By all means, please subscribe at For the charter
edition I'm surveying consultants and consulting organizations using
complexity thinking in their work with clients.

I know about the work of many, perhaps most of you, in this area, but
in the interests of comprehensiveness I thought I'd take a quick
sounding. In the next few days would you please privately send me a
short note describing your work? (This means addressing to instead of hitting "reply.")

I'm especially eager to know if you make explicit use of complexity or
CAS concepts, or whether complexity informs your work without being
part of your language, methodology, or marketing.

Knowing of relevant clients or situations would be especially helpful.

Let me know which facts (if any) to hold confidentially. I come from a
profession (journalism) in which such confidences are sacred.

In any case, please don't go to a lot of time or trouble.

This survey will help form the foundation of a complexity vendors list
I hope to compile in the future, as well as some other writing. Later
on I hope to survey the list for people applying complexity within
their own organizations.

Many thanks in advance.



Thomas Petzinger Jr.
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