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tom abeles wrote:
> I will be very interested in seeing a serious discussion on this.
> Drucker's latest writing makes a very interesting point. When we as humans
> write a law in science, it makes very little difference how the universe
> operates. We can saw the sun goes around the earth or the earth goes
> around the sun, the universe behaves the same. On the other hand, when we
> make social "laws" such as how an organization does, should or could
> operate, organizations readjust to this latest "law" as we have seen as
> each wave of management "truth" appears on the scene. In fact the
> publishers love management dearly as it goes from the equivalent of fad
> diet to fad diet to alternative medicinals in an evolving search for "the
> cure".
> thoughts?

Tom, the difference between the two "systems" that you describe is that
one is a living system composed of rule-driven agents and the other is
not. Hence, it should come as no surprise that human social systems
embrace and follow rules whereas planetary systems do not.


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