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Genna Southworth (genna@mind.net)
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 11:53:59 -0700

Greetings, LO'ers,

I'm looking for some help, with a bit of urgency in terms of time.

I am an external consultant working with a small (54 employee)
family-owned manufacturing business; I used to be internal, but my
position was eliminated 3 months ago in a restructuring. This company has
considered itself a learning org (although I'm not convinced!) and has a
fairly progressive culture (again, not as progressive as they think it
is). The organization is very tight -- the average employee has been with
the company for 8-10 years, there is very little natural turnover, it's a
"family" envrionment. The company has a far-reaching reputation in our
state for our culture, products, etc.

For the first time in its 20 year history, the company is facing layoff's
-- probably 15-20+%. I believe I will be the shepard of the process and I
have never facilitated a change as dramatic as this will be for this
company. I want to propose a plan to the company's president for how this
transition might take place in a way that supports the culture and creates
an opportunity to really learn through the crisis. Additionally, I just
need basic info about lay-off management.

One caveat (and I feel embarrassed about it) -- I really love the
theoretical and philosophical discussions on the list AND right now I need
really practical info about how to proceed...Thanks in advance for your
assistance! You are welcome to respond to me directly if that is more
appropriate than to the list as a whole.

Genna Southworth


Genna Southworth <genna@mind.net>

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