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Sun, 6 Jun 1999 10:43:09 +0100

Yo Lorgers (?)

Just a quick note to tell you what I think is useful to know about me.

First inspired by AE Van Vogt's Null-A books. I feel that he is the
earliest author to write about a LO as a society. Started off in a degree
in Applied Physics (seems a common theme here?). I've worked for many
organisations, and spent six years learning the intricacies of a machine
bureaucracy in British Telecom. During this time I chose an Action-Learned
MBA as a means to discover a better way. And worked teaching communication
skills in Mexico to the 'top dog' management.

Over my travels I've looked in on Emotional Regulation, Cognitive maps,
Senge, Argyris, Shoen, Bougon, and Burgoyne to give you a feel. (My
spelling leaves a lot to be desired)

Oh, and if you're into NLP you'd have noticed that I'm a tactile person. I
find it difficult in this 'Visual' age.

I'm very much into discovering the world through your Self, and aware of
the trap of projection.

If you wonder what I do for a living, I still wonder myself... but it
works out.

Have fun

PS: I'm UK based.


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